Six years after introducing a comprehensive, structured, and consistent approach to glaucoma detection, Specsavers data shows we have reduced the level of undiagnosed glaucoma among patients by at least 60%.

In an article published in this month’s Mivision Opthalmic Journal, outlines our journey – part of our Transforming Eye Health Strategy to significantly reduce undiagnosed glaucoma.

Over several years of measuring, refining, benchmarking, and measuring again, we have been able to establish baselines and determine that we were referring approximately 0.7% of our patients for glaucoma and that we were doing visual fields on about 4% of our patients.

Armed with this information, we have been able to implement changes to our clinical technology and clinical processes – including offering OCT in every store and same-day visual fields.

Over the past five years, we’ve sent more than 150,000 glaucoma referrals, for more than 114,000 unique patients. Since 2018, we have referred more than 46,000 previously undiagnosed patients for their first ophthalmology glaucoma assessment. Taking into account false-positive referrals, we have seen more than 40,000 new patients with glaucoma and we estimate that we’ve reduced the level of undiagnosed glaucoma among our patients by at least 60%.

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