Specsavers Career Ladder

Specsavers Career Ladder

Specsavers’ Career Ladder is a tool that explains the path of each role within our stores, the capabilities a team member needs to demonstrate to be performing at that level and the career step upwards for every position.

If you are working in a Specsavers store, you can see the career path overview on our internal learning system, iLearn. It enables you to understand each role and what a team member needs to demonstrate to be competent at each level so that you can select the right learning tools, resources and activities to support them both as part of that role and then to develop on to the next level.

What is the Career Ladder for?
There are a number of ways you can use the Career Ladder framework:

  • In reviews with your team, to help form a part of their PDP.
  • To explain the careers available in your store.
  • You can use it in interviews to show prospective team members the realistic path they could take once they join the business.

When the training at each level is completed, does that mean the team member will progress to the next level?

Progressing from one level to the next is dependent on the team member demonstrating capability within their role. This may include working through their Specsavers Learning Journey to complete learning resources online, shadow and practice on the job, attend practical skills workshops and then display the knowledge, skills and behaviours they have acquired. Empower your team member to discuss their progress with you, as their mentor and leader, and help them achieve their potential by challenging them in a supportive environment.

To download the Specsavers Career Ladder Development program, please click here.