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Clinical photography: Dendritic ulcer

Image provided by Greg Braude, Specsavers Sydney – Hunter Street, NSW Diagnosis Introduction A dendritic ulcer is the classic, ocular manifestation of the Herpes Simplex Virus Type...

Optometry case study: Keratoconus

by David Hsu, Specsavers Innaloo, WA History Px: 33 year old female Reason for visit: Distance and near vision progressively deteriorating over the last twelve months R>L POH:...

Clinical photography: Cat scratch disease

Image provided by Daisy Shu, Specsavers Hurstville Westfield, Australia

Optometry case study: Nystagmus

by Tanisha Watt, Specsavers Chartwell, New Zealand

Dispensing case study: Approximate sag formula

by Andy Willmott FBDO CL, Specsavers Botany partner, NZ

Optometry case study: Pigment dispersion syndrome

by Jennifer Williams, Specsavers Australia History 29 year old female Reason for visit: headaches following prolonged computer use. GH: good Meds: for anxiety and hayfever POH: none FOH: none Examination RE -1.50 /...

Optometry case study: Diplopia secondary to giant celled arteritis

by Professor Celia Chen, ophthalmologist, Flinders University, Australia History 82 year old female. Cranial nerve VI palsy of microvascular origin (2008) – resolved. Presented to her optometrist...

Optometry case study: Epiretinal membrane

by Peter McNulty, Specsavers Ballarat, Australia History 78 year old, female. Px presented for a routine check. Wears reading glasses only, no correction for distance. Complains of eyes...

Optometry case study: Failure to follow advice

by Michael Tran, Specsavers Beenleigh & Ipswich, Australia February 2011 History 20 year old male Px presented 14/02/2011 for an eye examination c/o constant binocular diplopia, worse at...

Optometry case study: Fundus albipunctutatus

by Amy Fang, Fountain Gate, Melbourne, Australia History and Examination Two sisters presented for routine eye examinations, it was their first time in this practice. Sister 1:...