During Customer Service Week we asked our stores to submit stories of individuals who have displayed an ‘above and beyond’ attitude towards our customers. We received many amazing stories from all across Australia and New Zealand and selected three winners who we felt were excellent examples of customer service at Specsavers

One of the winners was Christy Christensen from Specsavers Woden. One afternoon an elderly lady had booked herself in for an eye test, saying she kept seeing spots in her vision. This turned out to be the result of a detached retina in on eye and she needed to go to the hospital immediately.

This woman had arrived by taxi and didn’t drive, and her son who usually drives her, was out of town. Because she was aware of the severity of the situation, Christy offered to drive the patient to the hospital. Due to this amazing service and quick response, the hospital was able to save the woman’s sight.

“Customer service is not just about dispensing or selling, it’s more about seeing people smile after providing eye care, listening to their needs, and building a relationship. Above all, we want to make their day and that for me is a win-win.”

These are some of the reasons why Christy fell in love with and continues to work in the optical industry.