During Customer Service Week we asked our stores to submit stories of individuals who have displayed an ‘above and beyond’ attitude towards our customers. We received many amazing stories from all across Australia and New Zealand and selected three winners who we felt were excellent examples of customer service at Specsavers

One of the winners was Kerstin Robinson from Specsavers Strathpine. Kerstin is a reliable team member, offering our customers the best care possible. Recently, Kerstin was serving an elderly couple and after conversing with the couple she became aware that they were having a particularly hard time maintaining their property.

After hearing their struggle, Kerstin immediately felt the desire to help them. Kerstin put the call out within her store, asking for anyone that can lend a hand and rallied together over 24 staff, partners, friends, and tradies to help maintain their property, provide meals, and assist with anything else the couple needed.

Kerstin is one of a kind and always ready to jump into action to help our customers on a personal level. She is a wonderful example of excellent customer service extending into the community.