Specsavers Cannonvale in Queensland recently hosted its first in-store CPD event for optometrists and GPs, paving the way for further collaboration to improve patient outcomes.

The evening event, held on 6 June 2017, saw Optometry Partner Fiona Barrett and graduate optometrist Annie Lee joined by four local GPs to discuss the triage and management of red eyes and local referral pathways.

The event aimed to strengthen the team’s professional relationships with its local doctors while also providing an interesting and educational evening for all in attendance.

Fiona and Annie presented three cases on disciform keratitis, marginal keratitis and conjunctivochalasis, examining the presenting symptoms and signs in each case, as well as differential diagnoses, treatment and disease pathophysiology.

“The evening was very successful,” Fiona commented. “Everyone was engaged and contributed to the discussions. We all had the opportunity to share our clinical knowledge. Including GPs in the group gave us an insight into eye care from their perspective, as well as demonstrating to them our own expertise and ability to diagnose and treat some eye conditions.”

Annie agreed that the presentations triggered some interesting discussions.

“As an optometrist, it was enlightening to hear a GP’s clinical decision-making process and approach to eye care,” she said. “It was also a good opportunity to build new and strengthen existing professional relationships. Our discussion highlighted some areas where we could improve our referral process and inter-professional communication to deliver better patient outcomes.”

Specsavers Cannonvale plans to hold a similar event in future where the optometrists’ presentations will be complemented by cases presented by the GPs.