Fred Hollows Foundation celebrates 30 years of restoring sight

12 May 2022

The Fred Hollows Foundation is celebrating 30 years of restoring sight this year. At Specsavers we’re proud to support Fred’s vision and ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples can exercise their right to sight and self-determination. Fred first visited Bourke in 1971, treating local people for eye conditions like cataract and trachoma. The outback town of Bourke always held a special place in Fred’s heart and when he passed away in 1993, he was laid to rest in the red dirt he loved.

To this day The Foundation provides eyecare services to people in Bourke and other areas of regional NSW through our Program Partner, the Outback Eye Service. Specsavers is proud to support this work.

“I’ve fallen deeply in love with this great, concave continent and I want to be buried in Bourke.”  – Professor Fred Hollows.