Fringe Talk #3: Saving Sight with Glaucoma Australia


A presentation by Annie Gibbins, CEO of Glaucoma Australia was released today as a part of the Fringe Talk series for SCC Online 2020.

The presentation is available to view for free on-demand as a part of the clinical conference, which will run until the end of November.

In her presentation, Annie explains Glaucoma Australia’s mission to prevent sight loss by increasing early detection and improving treatment adherence.

Glaucoma Australia has a four-stage journey for its patients, where support is tailored to patients from when they are glaucoma suspects, to a confirmed diagnosis, managing adherence and family and finally living with glaucoma.

Annie says, “Referring glaucoma suspects to Glaucoma Australia is actually really important as we know that many patients don’t attend their initial specialist appointment for many reasons. We encourage them to go and find out if they do have glaucoma for themselves. We give them information like what to ask the ophthalmologist, and we make them write down information from the appointment so when we follow up, we find out what their diagnosis is and what treatment they are prescribed.”

Annie says that support is generally virtual or over the phone, so has maintained during COVID-19 lockdowns. She noted that despite this, in 2020, there are still around 34% of Specsavers optometrists who haven’t referred any patients to Glaucoma Australia.

“Please think about referring all of your patients with suspected glaucoma to Glaucoma Australia. Make it your default practice. Just start thinking of the value you can add to your patient, that they can then receive this collaborative care opportunity. If you’re still unclear of what we share with them or how we support them, please contact me personally and I will go through that with you because it is our desire that absolutely everyone joins our referral pathway.”

To watch the Fringe Talk, visit the MyCPD Portal or register for an SCC Online log-in.

The next Fringe Talk will be released on 17 September 2020.