Last chance to get Specsavers Early Bird Offer for University Students

21 June 2023

It’s an age old saying – “the early bird catches the worm”. At it’s never been truer than in the case of Shuwen Yu.

Shuwen, who graduated from the University of Melbourne last year, took advantage of Specsavers Early Bird Offer and joined as a graduate optometrist at Specsavers Grafton this year.

Specsavers Early Bird Offer is available for final year optometry students who take up employment in regional areas where Optometry is needed the most. Specsavers offers a $30,000 sign on bonus which is paid 30 days after signing the employment contract to support the student financially through their final year of studies.

“The early bird incentive to me was an added bonus in helping me decide what I wanted to do as I finished my final year of studies,” says Shuwen.

“And it wasn’t an easy decision, or one that was driven purely by money.  There were many battles in my mind weighing the pros and cons. The thought of moving to a regional town by myself, away from friends and family was a fear that was not overcome easily. But I have to admit the early bird incentive did play a part in tipping the scale.”

Since starting at Specsavers Grafton, Shuwen has not regretted his decision to commit to a regional location.

“Joining a regional store so far has exceeded my expectations. I’m managing and treating a wide range of pathology – more than I’d probably have access to in a metro location – and I know I have the support in the cases where it’s beyond my ability.

“My store partners and mentor here at Grafton have made such an impact in in allowing me to practice how I want to practice and being supportive throughout my learning process,” he says.

Shuwen was also the recipient of the Dame Mary Perkins Award for Outstanding Customer Care this month – showing the impact a graduate optometrist can make in their day-to-day work.

He was awarded the prestigious nomination for his thorough care of a patient, who presented with migraines. Though a comprehensive assessment showed nothing untoward, Shuwen thoroughness in suggesting a visual field revealed there was more going on.

The results showed an abnormal field defect with patterns associated with lesions near the optic chiasm, close to the pituitary region. Without delay, Shuwen promptly reported these findings to the patient’s GP and recommended a brain scan to explore the possibility of a pituitary adenoma. Unfortunately, his suspicions were confirmed, and the patient underwent the necessary operation just three days later.

“I think the size of our store and the relationships I am building both in the store and the wider community gives me the confidence to take in challenging cases and pathology. That ongoing support is really helping shape the optometrist I am going to become.”

Specsavers Early Bird Offer has been extended to 31 July 2023 and a number of new opportunities across Australia and New Zealand are available.

To find out more contact the Specsavers Graduate Recruitment Consultant for your university.