Are you interested in learning more about anterior infection and inflammation?

In our penultimate SCCO live event this Wednesday evening, October 7, we are fortunate to have two guest presenters, Dr Brendan Cronin and Associate Professor Lyndell Lim.

Dr Cronin will talk about the diagnosis and management of bacterial and viral keratitis. This lecture will focus on optometry diagnosis and treatment of multiple types of bacterial and viral conjunctivitis and keratitis. Special attention will be given to red flags that may indicate severe or atypical infections.

A/Prof Lim will present a lecture on managing scleritis and episcleritis and recognising the differences between mundane and life-threatening diseases. This presentation will cover the typical clinical presentations of both conditions, and for scleritis, its associated systemic diseases, and ocular complications. The management of episcleritis will also be discussed.

Plus, in this session, you’ll find out the winner of the latest SCC door prize and go into the running for our final two prizes!

As always, registrations for this session are essential.

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