Data plays an essential role in the eye care industry and is crucial in demonstrating the measurable impact of clinical interventions.

As outlined in our most recent Eye Health Report, in 2019 Specsavers conducted more than 3.5 million consultations across Australia and New Zealand, accounting for almost 40 per cent of patients presenting to optometry. Our dataset is the largest in the region, capturing 8.5 million patient journeys, an increase of 3.5 million data points from 2018.

The size and breadth of this data enables us to develop large-scale strategies to overcome national eye health challenges – such as improved detection and referral rates for glaucoma and engaging people with diabetes for more regular eye tests.

In this video, Specsavers Director of Optometry Dr Ben Ashby and Professional Services Manager Naomi Barber discuss the value of data when it comes to developing and improving clinical interventions and the process Specsavers is undertaking as part of our Transforming Eye Health Strategy to deliver a sustainable and patient-centric model of eyecare.

You can download the full Specsavers Eye Health Report 2019-20 here.