Meet the team: Specsavers Graduate Recruitment


Specsavers Australia & New Zealand Head of Graduate Recruitment Adam Buxton shares how his team helps place optometry students and early-career optometrists in Specsavers stores to allow them to develop their skills and confidence.

What are the main functions of the Specsavers Graduate Recruitment team?
We are responsible for the recruitment of early-career optometrists into our stores across Australia and New Zealand. While we predominantly recruit final-year optometry students to join the Specsavers Graduate Program post completion of their university studies, we also recruit optometrists with up to two years of experience.

A significant component of our work is building a pipeline of optometry students and recent graduates who are positively engaged with the Specsavers brand. As such, the scope of our work includes managing the process of providing clinical placement opportunities in our stores for optometry students and facilitating casual employment for students who are interested.

How does your team help students find their ideal role with Specsavers?
Our team is genuinely dedicated and interested in creating opportunities that match the individual interests of students with stores that are best-placed to meet them.

To be able to do this effectively, we invest a significant amount of time getting to know the motivations and interests of both students and store partners alike. Put simply: we ask students, and we listen to what they tell us!

We also make sure that we are continuously upskilling our knowledge of optics so that we can credibly and confidently discuss career options with students and stores.

How does your team support graduates through the transition from university into practice?
The two-year Specsavers Graduate Program includes multiple touchpoints and events organised and facilitated by our team. Through these forums, our team helps graduates work through their fears, concerns and challenges in a fun, friendly and supportive environment, whether this is in a group setting on in one-on-one discussions. Many of these events include a professional development aspect that is designed to help our graduates further enhance the foundation of knowledge they’ve built in university so that they can apply this with confidence in-store.

Our team also helps graduates clarify and advance their career aspirations, providing advice and guidance on how the program can be leveraged to contribute towards their professional interests and goals, such as through the Year Two Project.

In addition, we work closely with the store partners who act as mentors to the graduates to ensure that this support and focus on personal and professional development carries through to their daily practice.

For further information and to get in touch with a member of the Graduate Recruitment team, email or browse the latest graduate opportunities.