With 2018 well underway, the Specsavers Audiology business rollout is starting to generate real momentum, with a rash of 12 new locations opening in February and a further 10 opening in March – adding to the initial eight locations launched in the latter part of last year.

The first few months of operation have already revealed a clear, untapped demand for audiology services and high quality, great value hearing aids, with more than 15,000 initial hearing screenings already completed within the initial business locations. Take up from customers is already hinting at the huge potential of the business and the scale of the opportunity for both optical and audiology partners.

The arrival of Specsavers Audiology in Australia marks the beginning of a new era that promises to bring value hearing aids and care to the Australian market. Bringing together eye and hearing care is a natural progression for Specsavers, and provides customers with a more holistic healthcare service that is more accessible and affordable.

One in six Australians experience hearing loss, yet only one in three does anything about it. The addition of audiology services at Specsavers stores is making it easier than ever before for Australians to access hearing screenings as part of their regular health checks, and identify potential problems as early as possible. Hundreds of audiology clients are now experiencing the Specsavers difference across the ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

Specsavers has already established a network of more than 900 audiology businesses across Europe, and is aiming to open 100 Australian audiology businesses within the coming 12 months, with a view to providing audiology services in up to 200 Specsavers optical locations.

For more information on the Specsavers Audiology business, visit specsavers.com.au/hearing

For more information about Specsavers Audiology partnership opportunities, contact Julia Hewagama, Professional Recruitment Manager, on 0409 015 519 or anz.audiology@specsavers.com or visit audiology-anz.com