Nisha Sharma is the Optometrist Partner at Tea Tree Plaza SA. Here is her journey of moving from a competitor brand, across to Specsavers and working as a Joint Venture Partner.

Where were you working before Specsavers and what was your position?
OPSM Rundle Mall Plaza – Optometrist, Managing Optometrist

Why did you decide to work for Specsavers?
One of my long time friends within Specsavers convinced me to ‘give it a go’.

What did you feel were the main differences between working for OPSM vs working for Specsavers?
I took on a Director role within Specsavers, so immediately my presence in the store was different to what it was as an Employee. There is a lot more ownership and accountability given you are a Director and you definitely strive to lead by example. Without being too money focused, a hard day’s work is a good thing!

Can you tell me your experience of the recruitment process?
I had a lovely introduction to Specsavers, being given the opportunity to visit Support Office and see first-hand the processes in place. It’s easy to see why things appear so seamless to us in the store. The recruitment process was intense, Specsavers make sure that psychologically, you will work well with the team you are entering – true commitment to making sure that your position is a success.

What is it like working for Specsavers?
Busy, challenging and totally worth it.

Are there any misconceptions that you believe people have of us?
Absolutely, I had no idea how Specsavers worked until I saw it for myself. I didn’t realise that all stores were locally owned and that there was such a focus on eye health. Beyond that the product is not as I imagined it to be, it is affordable and good quality too!

What advice could you give someone who is in uncertain about working for us?
Do what I did and give it a go. Go to the Support Office, talk to the right people and make a genuine, unbiased decision. I kept an open mind and it has reaped rewards, however be prepared to work hard for it. Nothing this good happens without having to put in the time and effort.