At Specsavers we are well versed in supporting overseas-trained optometrists to successfully complete OCANZ exams – enabling them to immigrate and practise here in Australia and New Zealand as fully-qualified local optometrists. Over the past nine years, our OCANZ Support team has helped over 130 overseas-trained optometrists through this program.

What is OCANZ?

The Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand (OCANZ) is an external process that assesses optometry programs outside of Australia and New Zealand. Overseas-qualified optometrists must successfully complete the OCANZ exams to be able to practise and register in Australia and New Zealand.

What support does Specsavers offer?

The OCANZ Support team is focused on supporting each optometrist through this process from the beginning of the exam process through to migration to Australia or New Zealand.

Our support includes:

  • Feedback and examples from candidates who have passed through the OCANZ exam process with Specsavers
  • Online training support
  • Keeping candidates up to date with relevant information on OCANZ, visa requirements, and any changes to registration with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority)
  • Training sessions held in Manchester, UK throughout the year
  • Training sessions in the lead up to the June and November exams in Melbourne.

Once the exams have been completed and OCANZ qualification finalised, we will look to ensure the whole relocation process is managed as smoothly as possible.

We will help you:

  • Identify the right opportunity (employment or partnership) and locations
  • Manage the migration process including visas, AHPRA registration and Medicare ‘provider number’ applications and relocation
  • Potential to cover your critical costs, including visas, therapeutics and relocation to Australia.

Written Exams


– Online – During COVID

– Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
– New Zealand – Auckland
– UK – London
– South Africa – Johannesburg
– USA – Washington

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Clinical Exams


– Australia – Melbourne

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For full details of the support package offered by Specsavers to overseas-trained optometrists wanting to move to Australia or New Zealand, contact Maddy Curran on +61 (0)437 840 749 (mobile) or by email on