When it comes to delivering effective and collaborative healthcare, we are turning more and more to technology to enable us to provide communication between health professionals and ensure that communication is efficient, timely, consistent and measurable.

As outlined in the latest Specsavers Eye Health Report, the Oculo electronic referral system is helping Specsavers transform collaborations between primary and tertiary eyecare providers and provide optometrists with a full view of the patient journey.

Specsavers commenced the implementation of the Oculo electronic referral platform in 2016, after recognising that paper-based referral processes were limiting our optometrists’ capacity to engage in collaborative care.

Since its introduction, the benefits of the e-referral platform for patient care have been remarkable.

Specsavers optometrists can now view a patient’s clinical journey online for the first time. Having this full view enables them to make more informed decisions based on patient history, previous interventions and treatment, while also being able to interact with other health professionals involved in the patient’s care, particularly ophthalmologists and general practitioners.

Additionally, the e-referral platform provides visibility on when a referral is received and acted upon, both by the patient and other healthcare providers.

Ninety-nine percent of Specsavers practices in Australia now use the Oculo platform consistently as the mainstay of communication with ophthalmologists and GPs. Over the past two years, Specsavers, Oculo and other industry partners have worked together to listen to the needs of optometrists in primary practice and ensure referral templates are aligned with RANZCO Referral Pathways and industry patient care pathways.

Read more about the Oculo system and how technology is helping us deliver our Transforming Eye Heath strategies in the Specsavers Eye Health Report.