On a mission for vision


Earlier this month, Specsavers Support Office team members took on a major global health crisis – one pair of specs at a time.

Thousands of glasses were quality checked, cleaned and graded within Specsavers in-house lab. Glasses were donated by Specsavers customers from various stores across  Australia – this activity is all part of our nationwide glasses recycling initiative which typically sees recycled glasses being processed through Lions Recycle for Sight.

Only the best glasses made the cut and will be sent to people in need overseas through third party charities in the coming months.

Recent global studies have shown that there are more than 101 million people visually impaired because they don’t have access to glasses to correct simple vision problems. According to the World Health Organisation, this can have immediate and long-term consequences on both children and adults, including lost educational and employment opportunities, leading to lost economic gain.

Glasses recycling volunteer Duchesne Markham, Public Relations Manager for Australia and New Zealand said “We had a great time recycling glasses in the lab yesterday. Being able to give an hour of my day to make such a difference for people in need overseas was very inspiring. It was a highlight of sustainability week for me.”