Early-career optometrists and optometry students strengthened their personal and professional networks during two Specsavers social events that took place in April.

A number of first-year and second-year Specsavers graduate optometrists, Graduate Program alumni and clinical placement students met at Holey Moley in Adelaide on the evening of 8 April to enjoy a round of mini-golf.

Joined by members of the Specsavers Graduate and Retail Support teams, the 16 attendees got to know each other as they navigated the fun, themed golf courses, with conversations continuing over pizza and drinks afterwards.

A similar social event was held the following week on 17 April, with 16 early-career optometrists gathering at Strike Bowling in Perth.

Specsavers Professional Development Manager Tina Adel, who assisted in facilitating the events, explained, “While work did naturally end up being discussed, there was no set agenda or formal element to these events. The main focus was for our optometrists to have fun and relax with great colleagues.”

Specsavers Graduate Optometry Development Manager Sophie Stephan, who also acted as facilitator, said, “The strength of our Graduate Program lies in our structured professional development and robust support networks. We not only equip our graduates with the professional skills they need to succeed in optometry, but also ensure they have numerous opportunities to build personal and professional connections that will serve them well beyond the two-year Graduate Program.”

Members of the Specsavers Graduate team with WA optometrists at Strike Bowling