We’re a family here, and everyone’s welcome.

Our culture is more than just an environment, it provides you with a feeling (or multiple). We’ve worked hard to create a space where everyone can feel welcome, feel confident in their work, feel proud to make a difference, feel able to grow, and so much more.

Day in the Life
Optical Assistant
Audiology Assistant
Career Ladder

Here at Specsavers, you can really feel like you are part of something. Like you can make a difference to people’s lives with the expert care you provide. But in order for you to do that, we make sure that you’re provided with all the care you need to succeed; the support you need to feel confident in your role and comfortable as part of our family. You can really thrive here, and it’s our caring culture that makes everything possible.

Not just a Great Place to Work

We know our success and growth has always come from, and always will come from, delivering great products and service that customers love, listening and evolving to mee their needs.

So, for us to continually achieve these goals, we are steadfast in our aim to create an environment where our people are set up to be the best version of themselves, to thrive and grow, and where their contribution is valued.

We care about our people, about their growth, their development, their career and who they are. At that’s just one of the things that helps make us a Great Place to Work.