Practising from coast to coast: the Specsavers Mobile Optometry Team


Combining the diversity of the locum lifestyle with the security of a permanent role, members of the exclusive Specsavers Mobile Optometry Team enjoy highly remunerated positions as fly-in, fly-out optometrists.

The team is managed by Specsavers Recruitment Services (SRS), with a dedicated SRS consultant looking after each team member’s paperwork, diary, travel and accommodation. A mentor is available to provide them with clinical advice and support their professional development. They also have the support, camaraderie and community of their fellow Mobile Optometry Team members, with various avenues available for them to discuss and learn from each other’s FIFO experiences.

In response to continued growth, Specsavers has decided to increase the size of the Mobile Optometry Team, and a limited number of positions are currently available. Interested optometrists with at least two years’ experience and a desire to travel are encouraged to contact Cindy Marshall on or 0450 609 872 to find out more about the full range of benefits on offer.

Learn more about the community of optometrists you will be joining by reading some of the team members’ thoughts on being a mobile optometrist below.

Nick Cheang

Hometown: Brisbane, Queensland
Years as an optometrist: 4 years

I decided to join the Mobile Optometry Team because I wanted to gain further insight amongst the different stores across Perth and a taste of practising in rural areas. This role has allowed me to enjoy and see different parts of the country and be flexible with my own personal travel commitments. If you enjoy the jet-setting life and would like to see another side of the country, this would be a great opportunity!

Ajanthan Arunagiri

Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria
Years as an optometrist: Over 3 years

I joined the team because I wanted a challenging role. This role requires the tailored use of my communication and practical skills for different workplace environments. I also wanted to visit different parts of New South Wales and this career facilitates this goal. I get to travel to see picturesque parts of the state whilst working with great colleagues.

The SRS team provides clear, detailed rosters up to three months in advance. Moreover, the staff members at the different locations provide as much help as needed. It’s an amazing career opportunity, which allows for varied work in many scenic parts of Australia. You will also learn many life skills along the way as you integrate with different teams.

Dan Beech

Hometown: Coventry, United Kingdom
Years as an optometrist: 4 years

Coming from the UK, Specsavers has been hugely supportive me, both through the OCANZ exams and with relocation. I joined the Mobile Optometry Team because I had always wanted to visit New Zealand, but didn’t know where in the country I wanted to settle. What I enjoy most about the role is constantly having new challenges, meeting lots of new people, and getting to explore a country I’ve always wanted to visit. Having a dedicated day-to-day contact who handles all my bookings and travel also takes a lot of pressure off. Everyone in-store has been great, even with having to ask where things are all the time and for recommendations on where to go for lunch.

Kirsten Cluff

Hometown: Brisbane, Queensland
Years as an optometrist: 4 years

I have always enjoyed the variety of regional practice, and being part of the Mobile Optometry Team has given me the opportunity to continue that while experiencing different stores and travelling to different parts of Australia. I really enjoy being able to work in and experience a variety of different practices in both location and size. I am also enjoying travelling to parts of the country I have never seen.

Throughout my entire experience as a mobile optometrist, the SRS team has been available to answer any and all questions I’ve had regarding the position. I have also found the SRS team supportive in arranging my roster around my personal obligations and preferences. It’s the perfect position to consider for an optometrist who is looking for variety in their work but who also wants the continued support of the business. It also allows you to practise in both a metro and a regional environment while seeing the country at the same time.

Raj Kumar

Hometown: Canberra, ACT
Years as an optometrist: 2 years

Working in a different practice and in a different area each day can bring reams of experience. I have been able to see a range of different patients, a variety of working techniques, and have used many types of equipment. Practising with different optometry and retail teams means I have also gained relevant experience from each practice. Working in the Mobile Optometry Team, you’re not alone, as you’re supported by a large organisation. There is also flexibility in the working hours. I would recommend being a mobile optometrist to anyone who is willing to experience different practices and different teams.

Cynthia Tong

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Years as an optometrist: 4 years

I think there is no better time to give being a mobile optometrist a go. I joined the team to gain more experience, see more of the country, and to meet more people in the optometry field. I love the travelling and seeing different parts of the country. It also keeps it interesting and exciting when I’m working with different teams each time and am constantly challenged with different demographics of patients.

Specsavers has been a great support with managing my diary and booking my flights and accommodation, making it super easy and hassle free. The role is fun and rewarding and I would definitely recommend it to others.