Over 120 newly-qualified optometrists began practising in Specsavers stores across Australia and New Zealand in the first week of February.

These graduate optometrists, along with the 25 who began in-store in the second half of 2018, means approximately 150 graduates from the 2018 graduating cohort have chosen to commence their career with Specsavers Australia & New Zealand. This represents the largest intake the business has ever accepted and a 50% increase on the previous year.

“The size of this year’s graduate intake indicates our ‘Transforming Eye Health’ mission is resonating strongly with optometry students, and that this new generation of optometrists recognises the value of evidence-based clinical practice in enhancing patient outcomes for Australians and New Zealanders,” said Specsavers Aus/NZ Optometry Director Peter Larsen.

“These graduates will receive professional benchmark summaries, which aim to empower optometrists to take charge and lead their own targeted professional development by allowing them to reflect on their clinical practice in comparison to their peers. This valuable tool will allow them to measure their professional growth over the course of the Graduate Program and beyond.

“By the end of the year, all graduates will also have access to OCT technology. In addition to being able to provide every patient with access to this important technology at no additional cost, the graduates will be able to utilise the information provided by OCT to improve their confidence in the assessment and management of patients.”

The comprehensive, two-year Specsavers Graduate Program provides newly-qualified optometrists with a dedicated mentor, support network and structured program to ensure they have the tools and training to excel in both the clinical and commercial aspects of optometry.

The first 2019 Graduate Induction event will be held at the end of February to formally welcome the newest members of the Specsavers optometry workforce.