Diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and ocular oncology are among the topics that will be covered in the Specsavers Clinical Conference’s (SCC8) Sunday program, with a special international guest visiting to share how a nationwide screening program virtually eliminated avoidable blindness from diabetes in England.

SCC8 will be held from 7 to 8 September 2019 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and will include two full days of clinical content. The four sessions held on the Saturday will be followed by six one-hour sessions on the Sunday that are designed to provide valuable take-home messages that can be implemented in delegates’ optometry consulting rooms.

In addition to local leaders and experts in ophthalmology, the Sunday SCC8 program will include UK-based international guest speaker Professor Peter Scanlon. As Program Director of the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Program, Prof Scanlon has, with the support and co-operation of colleagues, moved screening from limited, ad hoc delivery of services to systematic, quality-assured processes for screening, assessment and treatment across all of England to 3.3 million people with diabetes.

The full list of Sunday speakers and their presentation topics are listed below:

Professor Peter Scanlon
University of Oxford, NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Program
Diabetic retinopathy grading and screening programs
Associate Professor Peter van Wijngaarden
Centre for Eye Research Australia
Diabetic retinopathy management and KeepSight
Dr Elaine Chong
Iris Surgery
Interpretation of OCT in medical retina conditions
Associate Professor Lyndell Lim
Victoria Parade Eye Consultants
Optometric management of ocular inflammation
Dr Lindsay McGrath
Oxford Eye Centre
Ocular oncology
Dr Tu Tran
Eyes First
Glaucoma co-management

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