SCC Online 2020 has launched the second of its Fringe Talk series today, this presentation featuring Nabill Jacob, Clinical Relationship Manager at Vision Australia.

The Fringe Talk is now available on-demand from the MyCPD Portal, which is hosting all of SCC Online 2020’s content for the duration of the conference for both Specsavers and non-Specsavers optometrists.

The presentation discusses Vision Australia’s role in the nation’s eye health industry, what it offers patients with low vision, including the specialist services it provides. Nabill gives an in-depth case study of a patient with low vision and follows through by explaining parameters around referral of low vision patients.

Nabill says “Our support services are quite specialised and all the work that we do at Vision Australia is based around what the needs and requirements are for your patients. We deal with the consequences of eye disease, vision loss, and blindness and focus on the four areas that tend to suffer when someone is experiencing low vision or vision loss – independence, employment, education, and social inclusion.”

Nabill talks through the journey of a 55-year-old, female case study with diabetic retinal changes in his presentation. The case study has a family history of diabetes and she is a widow and is feeling depressed and isolated. Amongst many interventions that Vision Australia can assist with, Nabill explains how vision can be assisted.

“When we see a patient like this at Vision Australia, we look at three things – vision enhancement, vision substitution and environmental adaptations. Technology has come up in leaps and bounds so there’s a lot that we can offer clients to keep them up to date and in touch with the world.”

Nabill also explains the different people that will work with the patient to address their further concerns.

“At Vision Australia, we’re an important part of the continuum of care for low vision patients. We can help them do the things that they can no longer do because of their vision loss.”

To watch the Fringe Talk, log into the Specsavers MyCPD Portal. 

The next Fringe Talk will be released on 3 September 2020.