Specsavers Audiology recently opened its first New Zealand store, with the commencement of audiology services at Specsavers Botany in East Tamaki, Auckland.

After 10 years of providing affordable eyecare to New Zealanders, Specsavers is thrilled to be able to extend its offering to provide affordable and effective hearing care, with the opening of our first audiology practice in the country.

We’re even more excited to welcome our first NZ Audiology Partner, Columba Park, to the Specsavers family.

Columba is extremely honoured to be the first NZ Audiology Partner for Specsavers and is looking forward to working with the local community and the wider Specsavers Botany team to provide effective hearing care for the region.

“I’ve always loved my job as an audiologist, but I still had the strong desire for change in the New Zealand audiology industry. When I found about Specsavers’ value and their belief in more accessible hearing aids and transparent pricing, I knew straight away this was what I had been waiting for” she said.

Specsavers Audiology Botany launched with a breakfast event, which was attended by local community members and representatives from the Auckland business community. The opening breakfast was also attended by a special guest Brendan Thompson, who was the first optical partner to launch into NZ ten years ago.

Specsavers Audiology Executive Director Darrel Magna said he was excited to take this first step in the rollout of audiology businesses across New Zealand.

“10 years ago, we came to this country with a commitment to provide affordable optical care for all New Zealanders. Now, with Columba on board as our first Audiology Partner, this is the beginning of a new era for Specsavers in NZ.”

“We have opened 151 stores across Australia, which has enabled us to screen 650,000 Australians in just over two years and make waves across the audiology industry,” he said.

“With the opening of our first store in New Zealand we are continuing our commitment to providing affordable healthcare for all New Zealanders.

Specsavers has ambitious plans for New Zealand, with plans to roll out audiology service across the North and South Islands.