The suite of in-store tools available to Specsavers dispensers has been enhanced with a recent upgrade to the business’ digital dispensing technology.

For several years, Specsavers has been using the ‘Virtual Dispensing Toolbox’ (VDT), which has significantly improved the ways in which dispensers discuss different dispensing solutions with customers.

Tools in the VDT suite include VDT Lens (VDTL), used to demonstrate various lens types and options to customers, and VDT Measurement (VDTM), an award-winning piece of technology that allows dispensers to take measurements with digital precision and ensure the best frame fit and optimal vision.

The latest ‘VDT2’ technology that is now being used in-store integrates measurement and lens demonstration into a single unified dispensing tool, often using the customer’s measurements to create a personal and engaging experience.

VDT2 is quicker and easier to use than its predecessors. It offers more accuracy, with the addition of head rotation correction to help eliminate horizontal parallax errors, a risk inherent with any measurement process. It includes even more useful information, such as effective diameters, as well as a full range of customer position of wear measurements. In addition, more confident progressive lens recommendations can be made due to the full range of accurate lens overlays.

In terms of lens selection, VDT2 also provides the dispenser with more accurate and realistic demonstrations. These take into account many different day-to-day situations that make them far more relatable, helping the customer understand how different lenses and treatments will improve the quality of their vision.

As an example, the dispenser can enter elements of the customer’s prescription (sphere, cylinder and axis) into the thickness module to reveal a more bespoke representation of the finished product. Prescription elements can be incorporated into the demonstration of progressive power lenses to show customers the impact they will have upon the performance of their glasses.

The VDT2 demonstrations are also more dynamic, allowing the customer to experience what a lens will look like mounted in a frame – including a view from the front and sides – and a video mode can be used to demonstrate the benefits of a lens option using the surrounding environment.

Specsavers Head of Dispensing Advancement Richard Couch said, “In just a few short years, advances in technology have fundamentally changed the way we share information and experiences. As lens technology and manufacturing techniques evolve, so too must the tools that we use to fit appropriate solutions for customers’ needs.

“VDT2 represents a significant step forward in the quality of technology used to enhance the customer experience. Through provision of ongoing training and development in the successful use of the measurement tool in particular, and through reporting of remakes at a national level, we have been able to demonstrate a consistent improvement in the accuracy of measurements and thereby improve the quality of the experience for all our customers.”

The rollout of VDT2 across Australian and New Zealand Specsavers stores reached completion at the end of July 2017.