The Fred Hollows Humanity Awards are quickly becoming a household name for Australia’s next generation.

The annual awards, which are open to Year 6 students nationwide, recognise those who reflect humanity in their own lives just as Fred did.

In 2020, 256 students from across the country received a Fred Hollows Humanity Award and of those, nine nominees were named Junior Ambassadors and were allocated $5,000 each from Specsavers to donate to a Fred Hollows Foundation program of their choice.

“The Fred Hollows Foundation would like to thank Specsavers for generously sponsoring The Fred Hollows Humanity Award. We believe the award makes a significant contribution to Australia’s next generation of leaders and we are grateful that Specsavers shares that vision in fostering young people,” said Foundation event organiser Alison Hill.

Junior Ambassadors Kai Trott, Sarah Kennedy, Charlie Deren, Zoe Francis and joint ambassadors Conor Barbour and Zaylee Logie Carruthers chose to support The Foundation’s Indigenous Australia Program, while Brady Cochrane, Chloe Moore and Lainie Jackson chose to support The Foundation’s work in Vietnam.

The award was supported by former Olympian and Foundation Ambassador, Susie O’Neill, as well as Bryce Corbett, host of award-winning national children’s podcast, Squiz Kids.

The Awards also gained a lot of media attention, reaching a cumulative audience of 5.7 million people.

Read some of the inspiring stories of the Junior Ambassadors and Humanity Award recipients here: