Specsavers has launched its new Health Hub website, to coincide with World Sight Day 2020.

Health Hub is a platform dedicated to sharing updates on detection, referral, and treatment progress for key eye conditions and on the utilisation of optometry services in New Zealand and Australia. The main objective of the site is to record and share insights on eye health with the wider industry as evidenced by the latest patient data.

Health Hub is an evolution of Specsavers annual Eye Health Report, which was published in 2018 and 2019, in an effort to share with the ophthalmic and healthcare community what has been learned from multiple eye care initiatives and investments by publishing the measured outcomes of the programs themselves, supported by anonymised Specsavers eye health data.

The Health Hub site is a continuation of Specsavers stated mission to work collaboratively with the eye health industry, health stakeholders, and governments in both countries to improve patient outcomes and work towards eliminating preventable vision loss from our communities.

The site is focussed on using real data to benchmark and report on outcomes across key areas of eye health strategy, including eye conditions and diseases such as glaucoma and diabetes, eye care utilisation across New Zealand and Australia as well as indigenous eye health.

Since its launch in early October, Health Hub has featured data on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as updated data on glaucoma and visual field testing rates and Medicare utilisation.

Health hub is now live at: https://healthhub-anz.com/