The Specsavers Manufacturing and Distribution (M&D) team including the team from Melbourne Glazing Services recently participated in the fundraiser Green Shirt Day (following the global not-for-profit Green Jumper Day). The teams chose to support an important cause close to home and raised $250 for the Australian not-for-profit – the Wilderness Society.

Along with Specsavers M&D sites globally, the teams wore green shirts to advocate cutting emissions, reducing waste, and putting an end to the logging of rain forest trees.

The global Green Jumper Day is an annual event held on the 26th of November 2021 with the aim to raise awareness and a call to action to reduce energy usage, save tonnes of carbon being emitted into the atmosphere and to educate people on mitigating climate change.

On the day, individuals and team members wear a green jumper/shirt, turn down the heating a degree or two and donate a small amount to Green Jumper causes.

The funds raised from Green Jumper Day are split between providing free educational material for children on climate change mitigation and the planet in general, and reforestation projects, to help decarbonise.

Click below to find out more about the causes:

Green Jumper Day

The Wilderness Society