Specsavers has made the Top 10 for the best Australian brands for 2021. Debuting on the honours list and ranking sixth place, Specsavers was the only optical or audiology provider in this year’s top 10.

Health, Beauty and Wellbeing are some of the strongest categories this year compared to previous years. Seven out of the 10 brands were retail stores.

The KPMG Customer Experience Excellence report surveyed more than 3,000 consumers about 110 brands across 10 different sectors in Australia. The survey consisted of six pillars of world-class customer experience, including:

1. Personalisation

2. Time and Effort

3. Resolution

4. Integrity

5. Expectations

6. Empathy

Personalisation is rated the most important aspect for consumers in 2021. With the industry facing COVID-19 challenges, the retail sector navigated supply chain and store network management while meeting customer expectations. According to the report, retail brands have increased their focus on resolution, time and effort and expectation management across consumers and stakeholders critical to their operations and customer service delivery.

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