A high-end leadership development workshop has seen several Specsavers store partners considering their roles in a new light.

The ‘Spotlight 2: The Connected Leader’ workshop was launched to Specsavers New Zealand partners on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 February 2017 in Auckland. The program was unlike any previously offered as it delved beyond behaviour to explore the link between effective leadership and psychology.

Delivered by Victoria Jones and Jared Roussety from the Specsavers Leadership Development Team and attended by a combination of retail and optometry store partners, the two-day event was highly interactive, comprising group discussion, pair work as well as self-reflection in the peaceful, retreat-style setting of the Castaways Resort, Waiuku.

The workshop provided store partners with tools to increase collaboration within their teams and help them develop improved ways of approaching challenging relationships. It also taught them how they could influence and manage their relationships for better outcomes.

Spotlight 2 has previously been held in most Australian states and the feedback has been overwhelming. Many store partners have commented that it’s been one of the best leadership workshops they’ve ever attended, and that it’s positively influenced not only their work relationships but their personal relationships as well.

The workshop is part of the broader Spotlight leadership development program, which is held annually and exclusively for Specsavers store partners. Spotlight 3, the third instalment in the series, is expected to take place in the second half of 2017. It will continue to focus on the store partners’ personal development, with an emphasis on resilience and positive psychology.

Specsavers has a Retail Training and Development (T&D) team consisting of 30 T&D professionals with wide-ranging expertise. The T&D team offers coaching, training and professional development workshops to stores throughout the year, providing joint venture partners and their staff with a variety of opportunities to enhance their existing skills and learn new ones.

For more information about how Specsavers supports store partners with training and professional development, contact Sinead Convery via +61 (0) 427 754 076 or sinead.convery@specsavers.com.