At Specsavers, we aim to provide affordable, accessible and high-quality optometry and audiology services to everybody. Our equipment and technology strategies, our close working relationships with key eye health stakeholders, and our major investments into professional development all contribute to our mission to transform the eye health of Australians and New Zealanders.

Clinical placements for students

Specsavers offers clinical placements to students from all optometry schools across Australia and New Zealand. We work closely with representatives from all universities to understand the requirements specific to each course and can tailor your placement experience accordingly.

Specsavers Graduate Program

The Specsavers Graduate Program offers a fast-track to work satisfaction and success.

As a graduate optometrist, fresh out of university, you will start work as a practicing optometrist in an owner-operated Specsavers store. You will automatically qualify for and join our Graduate Program – an unrivalled initiative of continuing professional development and career support from Specsavers.

The Graduate Program is a two-year development program for graduates or recently qualified optometrists that offers a combination of professional events, courses and experiences designed specifically to enrich professional life.

The Specsavers Graduate Program capitalises on the collective knowledge and experience of both in-store optometry partners and the Professional Development team

The program combines professional events, courses and experiences designed to enrich your professional life and continue your education and professional development.

Clinical Placement Information

Graduate Program Prospectus

Student News

Contact our Graduate Team

Anitta Nitsos

QUT, UNSW, The University of Canberra
+61 (0) 437 482 049

Tamsin Dornbusch

Deakin University
+61 (0) 499 905 375

Charlotte Barlow

University of Melbourne & Flinders University

+61 (0) 427 066 342

Lucy Markus

University of Auckland
+64 27 253 4195
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